Sunday, January 27, 2008

cute yawn

when will it end?

I feel like I should start a separate blog just for my car repairs. This past week I replaced the fan clutch because the bearing was going out, then I started having problems with the electrical. I bought a new battery, and finally just yesterday replaced my alternator. Things seem to be working fine now, but I wonder what is going to go out next? My car currently has 230,000 miles, and it still drives great, however, I think it's nearing the time to get a new vehicle. I want to see if I can make it to 250,000. I found this awesome salvage yard near my house that sells used parts for cheep. This past month I've replaced my front wheel assembly, fan clutch, and alternator for under $100 - that's pretty good!

I know that God will provide exactly what our family needs exactly when we need it. We will get another Jeep of course when the time comes:-) Emily is holding out for one of those four door Wrangles...not going to happen any time soon (they are pretty cool though).

bring on the smiling!

Sorry the long delay in posts. We've had a busy week.

Things are going well! Corban is sleeping great, and starting to smile more often. Today after his "awake time" he started getting fussy so Emily wrapped him up in his blanket and laid him down. When he hit the sheets he gave her a little smile as if to say, "Thank you mommy! I love you!" With out a single fuss he went to sleep. He also woke with a smile and few stretches to get ready for the laborious task of eating. We have heard horror stories of babies who scream through the night - the Lord has given us a grace in the temperament of our far (sometimes I wonder what lies ahead...).

Today was Sanctity of Life Sunday at BBC wherein we reflect on the preciousness of life and the horror of abortion. It was different this year in that we now have a child and went through the process of pregnancy. Pastor John preached out of Psalm 106:32ff. We can never appreciate the sweetness of God's matchless grace until we comprehend the grotesqueness of our own sin. How amazing is His grace that saved this wretch?!

With more smiles coming, hopefully we'll be posting many more pictures of those smiles. Here's a few recent pictures.

Friday, January 18, 2008

braving the cold

Emily and I went on a date tonight to Rosedale mall to run a few errands. The boy did fine, and we had a good time alltogther!

The current outside temperature here is's amazing we're all still alive. It's days like this I'm most thankful for the gifts of God I usually take for grated like clothing, a house, a vehicle, warmth. There are many homeless here in the metro area, and to be honest, I don't know how they survive. Thank the Lord for the gifts you have, whether it be a car seat that keeps your kid safe and warm or the last meal you ate. He is gracious!


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

shifty eyes and smiles

When Corban gets tired he gets these “shifty eyes.” He doesn’t smile much yet, but fortunately Emily captured this great footage today! If you can make it for a minute and 30 seconds you'll see an awesome smile. He has a beautiful smile.

corban with his mother (and a couple more for good measure)

Monday, January 7, 2008

more corban pics to satisfy the masses

Today Corban let us eat dinner in peace. Emily and I were able to eat together, and Corban hung out in his recliner and stared at the lights (the second picture was from dinner tonight). I love little moments of peace we get to spend together as a family.

I'm so proud Emily for how awesome she is doing with Corban. My boy has a bigtime mom! May the Lord continue to give us much grace to be great parents.

wheel bearings

Today I felt like I reached a new level of manhood - I changed out a front wheel bearing/hub assembly on one of our cars. I bought the part used from a salvage yard, therefore I got it for $140 cheaper than brand new from the auto store. I can't imagine how much it would have cost to have a mechanic repair it.

This was the first time I ever pulled an axle. It's kind of neat to be able say you've done that. I feel that "handiness" is something my generation has lost. I have many friends, and most of them are clueless when it comes to being handy (no offense to any of you, you're most likely reading this). There's a grand difference between "not being handy," and "not wanting to be handy" or "laziness" (I'm using handy in the broad sense - able to trouble shoot and come up with solutions for problems). Most people have a "let somebody else deal with it" attitude which I will admit is way easier, but not necessarily the best option.

I'm glad that the Lord has given me the confidence to try new things, and given me successes among my many failures. When I look back at some of the first pieces of furniture I built I chuckle because of their simplicity and lack of "elegance." But then I remember how proud I was back then, and how it served a purpose. One of the first things I ever built was coffee table made of scrap wood and two garage windows from a work site. I've rebuilt and modified it three times, and it still serves as our coffee table.

Another thing I appreciate (and I'm not saying this to brag at all) is that the Lord has given the body of Christ different gifts. I'm glad I can help my friends out with their car problems, and help them fix up their houses. And I'm also glad that those same friends can help me trouble shoot my computer and do my taxes. God has given each person gifts, it's whether we're using those gifts to serve God and the body of Christ that makes all the difference in the world.

Anyways, the wheel bearing wasn't that bad, but I don't recommend it for a Sunday afternoon project unless you have a little time and a great deal of patience. Once you get the tire and brake caliper off, it's only three bolts and nut, but don't let the low numbers fool you. These nuts and bolts don't like to be loosened.

Well, happy projects!

PS - the picture is to show you what I drank in celebration of my vehicular success.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

more corban

hanging out with daddy

It's such a joy to be a parent! There are so many new joys and new hardships. It's amazing how hard it is just to get the daily tasks done around the house. It's been a joy to serve Emily and Corban in this new way. If don't mind, take a moment and pray for Emily, she has a cold and is very tired. The Lord has been giving me a sleeping grace, but not so much Emily. Thanks for your prayers.

This weekend we are so blessed to have Emily's very good friend Courtney come stay with us. Her sole purpose in coming was to help with the baby. She came all the way from Boston, leaving her husband and two children at home to fend for themselves. What a servant and what a friend - she reflects Christ so well to us in our hour of need. Courtney is a veteran mom and has so many good and practical tips, as well as a wave of encouragement that refreshes our souls. Thanks Courtney for coming out, we love you! And thank you Kyle for letting her come!