Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Philthecarl's Birthday

I have never posted on a blog before but thought it necessary to take the plunge in order to honor my husband on his birthday. Below are a few of the many reasons I am grateful to God for the life of my husband, Philthecarl...

Purposeful in word and deed
Instrument of grace in my life
over of Jesus
Talented musician
Engaged worshiper
Caring and considerate
Active appreciator of the great outdoors
Relational (not to mention Ridiculously good looking :))
Lover of people and peoples

Your life is a gift to me. Happy Birthday! I love you.
Mrs. Thecarl

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ok, Emily wins...

ps - Garry, that's a sweet shirt!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

little philthecarl

found this at my parents house today...would love to hear who you think Corban looks like. Mostly we hear "a little of both." I would probably agree with that.

more of our little boy

Monday, October 13, 2008

it looks easy, but it was really difficult

more colors

the last section of the superior hiking trail

Emily and I were able to sneak out for a little day hike on the northern most section of the SHT. On this section of trail is the highest elevation of the SHT. After we reached the summit, we stopped to make some dinner and have a hot cup of coffee. Then, the rain started. We had a nice two hour hike back though the rain and the colors as daylight faded into darkness.

5th wedding anniversary celebrated by going to Grand Marais to bike, camp, and enjoy the colors!

So Emily was bigtime and agreed to going on a bike ride with me...she did awesome (and I think she even had fun :-) After 8 miles and a lot of mud, we both enjoyed our dinner out at the Angry Trout.

the boy is definitely a product of his mother...