Saturday, February 23, 2008

more of my beautiful family


So last week Corban had a checkup wherein they checked his weight and height and whatnot. So when the doctor was measuring his length/height her response was, "your son is taller than everyone!" I guess he is well beyond the 100th percentile (a whopping 25 inches). He weighed in at 12lbs 11 oz which is in the 95th percentile.

Corban has always been able to hold up his head (as good as a new born can). He's been gaining strength day by day by the grace of God. He is happiest now days when you talk to him while he "stands" on your legs. The smiles are so wonderful they annihilate the worst moods.

Thank you all for your prayers. No doubt they are the means by which God is getting us through this new responsibility with great joy!


Corban loves his little monkey friend he got from his great-grandpa and grandma Gamble.


S0 now that I'm a dad, and I use a Macintosh, does that make me the Macdaddy?

(you don't have to laugh or even be amused, I know it's really lame)

So tonight Emily, Corban and I are going to a lefsa party! How cool is that. One of my friends prides himself in his lefsa making skills, and I've heard people confirm that the lefsa is great. We're going to bring some lingenberries and some pickled herring. We're super excited don'tchaknow!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

my beautiful family

This weekend Emily, Corban, and I attended a marriage conference through our church. We went down to a wonderful retreat center in Chaska and heard from the gifted teacher Bruce Ware. Our favorite part of the weekend was last night around the dinner table sharing our engagement stories and lives with our friends. God has surely graced us with some wonderful friends!

Corban did especially well for his first weekend away from home. He was spoiled in that he was held by many people when he was sleeping. There were many moms there whose kids have grown up, and they were really excited for the opportunity to hold Corban during some of the session times. Thankfully during last nights dinner we were able to use our monitor to watch Corban. The dining room was just within range!

It's good to get away, and it's also good to be home. Emily and I are going to cook up some chicken tenders with BW's sause and sweet potato fries, and relax to a movie tonight. YEEHA!

Please pray for warm weather (it's cold working outside these days:-)