Friday, March 28, 2008

emily's birthday

Today is Emily's birthday, and I would like to tell you 26 reasons why I love and appreciate her.

I love and appreciate my wife because...
1. She's my best friend.
2. She loves the outdoors and is adventurous.
3. She loves me for who I am and knows I'm a work in progress.
4. She values health and works hard to stay healthy.
5. She reads Psalms to Corban and prays for him.
6. Her favorite snack is peanut butter toast and hot chocolate.
7. She has a great relationship with all of her family members.
8. She disciples younger women and cares about the outcome of their faith.
9. She is modest in the way she dresses.
10. She gladly makes me lunches when she is able.
11. She is financially wise, and knows what it means to work hard.
12. She kisses me every night before she goes to bed.
13. She sings like and angel.
14. She knows how to drive a stick shift.
15. She enjoys listening to jazz while off-roading.
16. She can climb trees and rocks way better than I can.
17. She weeps with those who are weeping, and rejoices with those who are rejoicing.
18. She is patient with me, and gives me much grace when I drop the ball.
19. She forgives me when I've offended her.
20. She can tear it up in the kitchen, and make a meal that tastes so good out of the most random things.
21. She is not high maintenance.
22. She likes my friends.
23. She works hard to become better in areas where she is weak.
24. She is a woman of discipline.
25. She love the Lord her God with all her heart, soul, mind, and strength.
26. She is altogether beautiful and there is no blemish within her. Christ has made her perfect, and each day He is faithful to bring her closer to that perfection. The Lord has given her to me to serve during this earthly pilgrimage, and the lines have fallen to in very pleasant places.

Emily, I love you so much, and it is my joy to follow Christ with you. I thank God for the 26 years of faithfulness in your life, that you came to know him at a young age, and that you will spend eternity with He whom you love most. You are wonderful mom and a fantastic wife. Corban and I are extremely blessed.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

hanging with Papa and Nana

Here's some pics of Corban hanging with Papa Duck and Nana Na (Emily's parents). It was sooo good to go up to Grand Marais and be completely spoiled by Renee and Garry. They are the best cooks ever! It was also great they got some time with Corban. They love all their grandkids so much, you can actually see them light up whenever they're around them. I hope we get many more opportunities to travel up to see them. Perhaps they could even watch Corban whilst I hit the Superior Hiking Trail for a couple days. Our small group is actually planning some trips to that neck of the woods for this summer. Man...I can't wait!

seafood lover

Corban enjoying a delectable octopus. He's starting to branch out from chewing on just his hands to other things. Oh, and the drool days are almost here.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

a morning in Grand Marais

We're spending this weekend in Grand Marais with Emily's parents. They have this really cozy room upstairs for us to stay in. This morning we woke up at 7:00 to feed the boy, then went back to bed until 10:00...Glorious! We then had family cuddle time (see above picture).

We were praying before we left home that we would get a chance to rest and rekindle as a family, as well as see God through the beauty of his creation. The lake is so beautiful this time of year. When I was on my morning walk, there were slabs of ice drifting into the shore and piling up because of the strong current. At one point the cracking sounds stopped abruptly, and I noticed that an entire slab started sliding over top another slab. It was very incredible to watch...and cold.

Emily and I got to go for a brief hike, but were able to use our snowshoes which we were happy about. We saw a herd of dear in some of the highlands, and signs of numerous other game in the area. The sun was out all day, and the weather was very mild. We're hoping it stays the same for tomorrow as we're planning to trek up the Kadunce river.

Renee and Garry are such sweet people. They are helping us to relax, cooking for us, and watching Corban so Emily and I can go out together. We're extremely blessed to have such loving parents. We thank God for them!