Saturday, April 7, 2007

trip to canada

Here are some pictures from out trip to Canada to see Emily's parents new land.

Friday, April 6, 2007

follow up

Just to follow up on our computer purchase, I love it! The Lord has answered our prayers that it would serve our family well. I'm especially like the iSight which is a built in camera that allows you to communicate via Skype or other video communication systems. My wife is in Korea currently visiting a friend with her sister and the computer has been a great way for us to talk with one another. It's free, and there's a live video feed so we can actually see each other in real time with hardly any lag time.

For you encouragement I have have a story about how the Lord provided for my needs. For months now I've been wanting a cell phone/PDA. I had been planning to buy a new phone in April, and thus had been saving up some money for the rather large purchase. Mid March my friends and I were at a gathering and I was mentioning how I was going to be purchasing a phone. My friend Kris offered me an extremely nice phone for free! How awesome is that! Two weeks before I was going to drop some money on a phone, the Lord provided a phone that exceeded my expectations. "And my God will do exceedingly, abundantly, more than all we ask or imagine." Then, to make the story even more amazing. One week after I got the phone, I accidentally dropped it and I noticed that the LCD has a small red blotch on it resulting from the fall. I was bummed about this, so I asked the Lord to remove the spot. I don't know how this works apart from asolute sovereignty, but the spot is gone, as if the spot had never been there. I actually watched it slowly disappear. The Lord is Lord over all.

Mac page

phil and em can't not see well now

Emily and I both had eye doctor appointments last week and we will be receiving our new glasses in the upcoming days. You all will be happy to know our eyes are healthy, except they don't see well. Some of you might be saying, "Emily doesn't wear glasses!" Well, you should have put two and two together a long time ago when we started dating. You should all be excited for the new look of Em and Phil. Also, Emily found some frames in Korea that are pretty hip. She's going to get lenses put in them. I'm actually really excited to see these new glasses.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

oyster cracker forge a chowder partnership

I read this on the back of an oyster cracker box. It brought my oyster cracker experience to new heights.

"There's nothing quite like a generous bowl of creamy, rich New England clam chowder, and to truly appreciate the experience, oyster crackers must be on hand. Of course, the oyster cracker integration style is critical to the overall success of the meal. Some sprinkle the tiny crackers on top, a hint of salt, and a hearty garnish. Some prefer the time honored Alternating Bites Method whereby a spoonful of chowder is "chased" by a tiny cracker. This ensures a crisp cracker as well as a steady ratio of cracker to chowder.

Whatever your personal style (we encourage you to experiment), oyster crackers make great soup partners. Being avid oyster cracker fans, we set out to find the best-tasting oyster cracker combined with the best texture. If you're familiar with the hunt for a good oyster cracker, you know that some can be flat-ish with a dense, bland, and not flaky consistency. After searching high and low, we found what we think is a pearl of an oyster cracker..."

Thank you Trader Joe's!