Thursday, May 17, 2007

new table

I built a new table for my porch. It holds a special meaning in my heart because I acutually cut down the tree, and cut up the log with my chainsaw. Here's some pics. I prayed that the table would serve our family well, and so far it has.

mechanics must be millionares

Since January I had been having problems with my car. I'm somewhat handy so I tried the basics in hope that it would fix the problem. None of these things seemed to be working so I just continued to drive it. Eventually the problem was getting so bad that it was actually annoying to drive - especially while drinking coffee. I brought it to my mechanic to see if he could diagnose something. He couldn't tell what was wrong, and told me to bring it to a place where they can hook it up to a fancy computer system (by the way, he still charged me for telling me nothing. Imagine if I, as a carpenter, stared at someones broken bookshelf, then told them that I was sure there was someone out there who was able to fix it, then charged them for the revelation - wow!).

Anyways, I was hesitant to bring it to one of these shops because I know that all car problems are costly, and honestly my car isn't worth that much. Well, eventually I decided to take it to a shop where they would charge me $100 to hook it up to the miracle machine and tell me what was wrong. After the diagnosis they told me it could possible be two things, a throttle position sensor, or a leaky manifold intake gasket - Both costly repairs and they said that fixing these doesn't mean the problem will go aways (talk about reassuring). I decided to try to replace the sensor on my own. I went and bought the fifty dollar part, took five minutes to remove and install the new one, and said a prayer. When I started the car, the problem seemed to be gone. I then praised the Lord, for he is faithful.

Why am I telling you this you may be asking...

Well...I thought about how we are all sinners saved by grace. God has saved us once for all, and he is saving us daily as we are sanctified by his grace. I thought of this comparison in regard to my car situation.

We all know we have problems, some of them even annoy us and hinder our daily lives. Sometimes we even have the skills to fix these problems, we just don't know where to start. I got to thinking about my sin. I know I have sin in my life, and that it affects my performance for the sake of the kingdom. Many times it takes a good friend to point out the problem, like a sensor. Some seemingly insignificant part that you would never look to as the root of such behavior. Once this is brought to your attention, do the work of replacing it by the grace of God, and keep on driving.

I'm thankful that the Lord has put people in my life who love me and aren't afraid to tell me where I'm lacking. Thanks be to God that he equips the body of Christ with everything it needs to become more and more a fragrant aroma of Christ unto God!