Saturday, July 25, 2009

we're back!

We arrived back in MN last Monday evening, what a ride!

Thank you for all your prayers. Oh how the Lord is faithful always! It was good to go, and now it is good to be here; I look forward to some day going home!

Our team was amazing! I consider it an honor to be called the leader of such a team. They were selfless, always looking to bless each other or someone else. There was no conflict! There was a constant awareness our need for grace and sustaining power from the Lord. We did face hardships, but the Lord's grace overcame all.

We visited two islands. Due to security issues I need to be vague. Our first island was one to which we have been twice before. We saw familiar faces and reconnected like old friends do. We had spiritual conversations, and tried to share truth about Jesus in all we did. I hope to reunite with these people in Heaven someday.

The night before our second island we encountered some spiritual warfare. Some had dreams, others felt sick, but mostly we all felt unrest in our souls. We had a very intentional time of prayer and arming. This may have been the highlight of the trip for me. It was a visible, practical example of the body of Christ defeating the enemy through Christ's victory! After our meeting, we felt well armed, secure in Jesus, and ready for battle - we didn't know what we were about to encounter.

When we got to our second island we realized that the unrest was an attempt to distract and deflate, not a sign of what was to come. The islanders were just as welcoming and gracious as has been our experience with others. It was an extreme honor to be the first Americans to set foot on that island and be the vessel by which "the Lord reigns" was proclaimed.

The host father we were staying with hurt his neck carrying some cement the day we arrived. The next morning he couldn't move his neck at all. We offered to pray for him and he accepted so Josh prayed for him in power in Jesus' name, and he was healed! The power of God was displayed that this man might believe.

Emily also had the privilege to pray for a little boy and witness a healing. The youngest son in the house in which they were staying had a fever. One of his uncles was called in to put a spell on some water then have the boy drink it. Emily hoped the boy didn't get well, and imagine this, he didn't. Emily then offered to pray for him that night in Jesus' name and the boys fever was cast out!

We are among the priviledged to have had this experience. Thank you. Please know we spent the time well, laboring hard with the few days we had.

We are settling back in well here state side. I went back to work on Wednesday then came home and went to bed at 4:30 and didn't wake up til 5:30...AM! I guess I was tired. I'm very thankful to come home to work.

Emily is having a bit harder time adjusting, you can pray for her. She is busy watching our little boy, who was a delight to come home to. We didn't know how he would react when he saw us, but when he did, he didn't want to loose sight of us. He just kept giving us kisses!

Thank you again for all your prayers and partnership. Again I will say, the Lord is faithful!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

camera cable

I can't seem to find the cable that connects our camera to the computer...

We leave for SE Asia Saturday and return on the 20th. Tomorrow we are taking the day to get ready. Please pray for us as we endeavor to make known the Truth about Jesus Christ!