Saturday, July 3, 2010

thick skin

If anyone has advice on how to grow thicker skin I would be happy to hear your thoughts.


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  2. I think realizing your skin isn't thick enough is a good step (and for the record, I've never thought this of you).

    (1) Realize that most people's skin is too thin,
    (2) Take negative comments as opportunity for growth,
    (3) Look and appreciate situations where people appreciate your gifts. Song-writing for example. And Door-installing.

  3. I don't have the answer, but here's a tip to go along with Jamsco's (without his permission).

    Recognize that some criticism is unfounded and untrue. Have close, honest friends around to be able to recognize when this is the case.

    Also, some criticism is true, but comes in a very unpalatable way. For instance, someone who doesn't really like you offers criticism in an unloving way. The criticism may be true, but it stings more than it would if they would have spoken the truth in love. I think that's a very tough situation to be gracious in, usually it takes me a long time to recognize that kind of criticism as legit...

    Hopefully your question was figurative, not literal. If it was literal, then perhaps walking out on gravelly roads will thicken up your skin, or working a lot with your hands.. :)

  4. Good thoughts from Abigail. If you figure this out, be sure to clue the rest of us in. I feel like I need armadillo skin! And definitely don't have it. The only thing that kind of helps me is knowing that Jesus was crucified on "unfounded criticisms" of his life, words, and ministry. So at least I'm in good company! But of course, since I'm not sinless, I should at least try to listen with an open ear to my critics.